About us

Prior to graduating with my Bachelors of Science in nursing and becoming a Registered Nurse (2008) I spent several years as a caregiver at a large assisted living facility near where I lived.   During my time there I fell in love with the seniors I was working with.   I also began to realize that, for the most part, seniors and their loved ones wanted three things: first, to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible, second, to be comfortable as they moved about their homes and community, and finally, to maintain their physical safety.   These three goals, I have learned, are not, and should not be mutually exclusive.

The seniors I worked with and the nurse I worked under in that community inspired me to become a nurse in hopes of being able to better serve the senior population I had fallen in love with.   Over the past decade or so I have had the privilege of caring for seniors as they spent time recovering and undergoing therapy in rehab centers, I have helped seniors and their families make tough decisions about moving into assisted living communities and even memory care when it was needed, and I have loved and cared for those seniors in each of these communities.

When I began my journey as a Registered Nurse I lived in a large metropolitan area where the latest technological and innovative advances in healthcare practice and equipment were readily available to me to help improve the lives of the seniors I was caring for.

After six years of living and working in a city my husband and I decided to move to a smaller town to raise our family.   I continued my work as a Registered Nurse in senior care but was astounded to realize that the community I now lived and worked in had never heard of many of the best practice ideas or innovations that I had previously had at my fingertips, let alone had them in stock. Sadly, theses seniors were not receiving the best care simply because no one knew it was there!

I subsequently spent the next several years educating my colleagues, families, and even our local medical supply company in an effort to bring to my town the latest ideas and healthcare innovations to help improve the lives of the seniors in my care.   As I did so, a desire began to grow in me to expand this knowledge beyond the little town I live in.  It has become my dream to help seniors and their caregivers anywhere to have access to the best healthcare innovations and practices to help keep them as independent, comfortable, and safe as possible wherever they live.   That is the sole desire and purpose of this site.