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pulse oximeter

Best Pulse Oximeter

We will review the top 7 over the counter pulse oximeters available to you and I today.  Each oximeter was reviewed for accuracy, alarm options, display readability battery life, and special features that may help you.
We will also provide you with some general guidelines on what to look for in an oximeter, how they work, what their limitations are,  and what is common between them all.

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safe seniors

ADT Medical Alert – Is It for You?

ADT offers 3 medical alert package options to meet your individual safety needs whether you are primarily home bound or frequently out and about in your community. This post contains details on each of these systems along with who, and under what circumstances, each may be best for you.

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what we want

Senior Safe, Independent, and Comfortable.

In this article I will briefly look at each of these three goals as they impact real life and explore just how they can work together in many cases.  I will do this by looking at a couple of the leading concerns for seniors as we age and demonstrate a few ways in which those concerns can be overcome without sacrificing any of the independence comfort, or safety that we desire.

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